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For the Ergonomics classes our mission was to rethink the user experience of Google Drive, Trello or Slack in 75 days (as a group of 2). We decided to go for the most ambitous project: Google Drive.


The briefing imposed a Scenario: A copywriter just joined the Web agency "Naked Men", he does not own a Google account and get an email on his private address which invites him to edit a file of the agency. Thus the experience starts with this mail and ends when the user arrives on the application.

Google Drive invitation email

Our approach

Our approach was simple and efficient, first of all we did a content inventory of the current Google Drive and decided which functionalities were really necessary.

The next step was to list the functionalities and create individually an Information Architecture. Then we went back and compared what we did and created a more elaborated common version. That's the process, we used for everything: the wireframes, the visual design and even the case studies. That's one of the reasons in my opinion, why we have a better outcome which is more of a real team work.

The way we put our interface together was also very straight forward, we tried to create a more intuitive and simple interface in which you find habits that you already have on your desktop PC. We also ensured to diminish the number of menus in order to make those who stayed more relevant.

Google Drive Interface Preview


This project was probably the most demanding this year. I have put a lot of effort into it and I'm quite proud of what we have accomplished. I'm personally convinced that our proposition improves the overall user experience. But you can convince yourself by checking out our version of the Drive.

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