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For the Visual Design classes our final mission was to create a site & brand identity for a fictitious tearoom which focuses on selling Cupcakes. The coding part is done in groups of 2, where we have to code each other site.


Anna and Peter want to take their dream to the next level and open their tearoom in Namur. They need a brand identity and a site where people can see and order the products via mail/phone, but they can't provide more than a raw content.

Cupcake Factory Site Preview

My approach

I started off with defining the need of the website and defining the targeted audience (young people, mainly women) and by doing research about potential competition. Then I reiterated, created and adapted the raw content. That being done I had to create the wireframes in order to have a clear idea of the structure that I wanted. Being happy with the wireframes I started creating a brand identity and later on the visuals for the interface. The last step was to explain to my developer what I expected him to do and he told me what I had to do for his site and we started coding.


According to the feedback I got on both on my visual and the code I made for Jimmy, this project shouldn't even be mentioned on my site but I'm a big believer in that failure prepares for success. This project was linked to a lot of discomfort and through that I learned a ton.

I think I failed the visual part because I went for something that I would have created for myself instead of something that would fit the client and I didn't manage to bring the main action in the foreground (which is obviously: ordering). In addition, I was really pissed when the teacher told us we had to code someone else's site. I was afraid of Jimmy's site at first and it took me a lot of hours to code, the outcome is pretty good though (but the code is messy).

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